Practical independent research to help growers make informed decisions.

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How we perform our research at AgRevival

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Research to help growers.

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Accurate Research

from precisely executed, replicated field trials.

Sharing Knowledge

to help farmers identify the best farming products and practices.

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Maximizing ROI

while producing high-quality crops and improving your soil’s health.

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The knowledge that AgRevival brings to agricultural production is a huge asset to my farming operation.

- Chris, Minnesota Grower -

Extended plots for more accurate results.

Fields stretch across acres of variable soil types and conditions. That is why we extend our research plots to 250 feet, well beyond the industry standard 35 foot blocks. The result: more accurate data for making agronomy decisions.

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35 ft.
250 ft.

Sharing knowledge for better decision-making.

Having good data is only part of the picture. AgRevival takes the next step by helping you understand why some products and practices perform differently under varying conditions. In this way, you'll make decisions that are better for your soil and your bottom line.

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