AgRevival Rural Rescue Foundation

Our mission is to equip rural fire and rescue departments with the equipment and tools they need to respond to the next call for help.

Because everyone deserves to come home safe.

Apply for funding.

Rural fire and rescue departments can apply to receive financial support to purchase life-saving equipment or tools that assist in agricultural rural rescues.
Requests for donations will be considered based on department need, impact, and initiative.
Need: Your department has a limited budget to put towards purchasing and equipping an R3 Trailer.
Impact: Your department is located in a region where grain bin rescues have occurred and/or are likely to occur.
Initiative: You've already taken measures to generate and secure funding for the purchase of an R3 Trailer.
Thank you! Your application has been received!
We will contact you via email or phone if you qualify to receive funds. If you have questions regarding your application, please contact AgRevival.
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